[xcrysden] About the atom label display

Tone Kokalj xcrysden@democritos.it
Fri, 13 Oct 2006 18:27:26 +0200

> Dear all,
>    Can xcrysden display the sequence numbers of atoms?

It can display the sequence number of individual atoms.

To achieve this select the "Display-->Unit of Repetition ...
-->Translational Asymmetric Unit" (or click on the 2nd icon from the
left at the bottom of the xcrysden main window). 

Then click on the left-most button  at the bottom of the xcrysden main
window that is named "AtomInfo". Then mouse click the individual atoms.
The first number that appears in the "Atom Info" window (ID-column) is
the sequence number.

Regards, Tone