[xcrysden] Problem in starting XCrysDen

Chenpeng Zang ppzang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 15:41:37 CET 2009

Dear Lorenzo Paulatto,
Thank you for your replying!
To start the XCrysDen, I just use the command "xcrysden". I have used
XCrysDen to plot some charge density in crystal with xsf formed file. I did
my calculation with VASP, and transplanted the VASP's file CHACAR into xsf
formed file, with a tool called v2xsf.
If you kind people needs more information, just tell me.
By the way, what is SEGFAUL? and babelfish? is it a name of some gay?

best wishes!

2009/12/8 Lorenzo Paulatto <paulatto at sissa.it>

> Replying to message "[xcrysden] Problem in starting XCrysDen" from
> Chenpeng Zang (08/12/09):
> >  段错误
> Dear Chepepeng Zang,
> you could have translated the error message for us... anyway, babelfish
> says it is a SEGFAUL, which may depend on the system you're trying to
> plot. Can you provide more information?
> cheers
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