[xcrysden] Multiple 3D-grids?

Lorenzo Paulatto paulatto at sissa.it
Fri Dec 18 12:18:39 CET 2009

Replying to message "Re: [xcrysden] Multiple 3D-grids?" from Henrik Löfås  
> Yes, I would to like have them superimposed. What I want to plot is the
> transmission eigenchannels, which can be seen as travelling waves hence,
> both real and imag part separately are interesting, see for example
> http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevB.76.115117

Dear Henrik,
I could never find a software that does both multiple grids and  
non-simple-cubic cells. It may still exist, but I could not find it. On  
ther other hand, if your unit cell *is* simple cubic you can use gOpenMol  
(which I think was used for the pictures in that paper) and/or vmd.  
Otherwise, you can try with XCrysDen + gimp, plot the different datagrids  
and then compose them by hand; its painful, but it works.


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