[xcrysden] some problem with the xcrysden for crystal06

zhuyingtao zhuyingtao at mail.sdu.edu.cn
Wed Dec 30 06:48:41 CET 2009

Dear all,

I use  the lastst xcrysden for windows with the help of the cygwin, and want to dos2unix the crystal06 fort.34 because the error following:
invalid number: incomprehensible list input
apparent state: unit 34 named fort.34
last format: list io
lately reading sequential formatted external IO
/cygdrive/c/home/user/xcrysden/scripts/launch.sh: line 5: 23364 Aborted   
==========================Error end ==========================
I think this error may cause by the dos style of the fort.34. I just want to know to how and where I can add the command "dos2unix fort.34" in the xcrysden code.
thanks very much 


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