[xcrysden] Visualizing phonon eigendisplacements

Igor Lukacevic ilukacevic at fizika.unios.hr
Wed Nov 10 10:14:09 CET 2010

Dear users,

I would like to visualize phonon eigendisplacements calculated with 
ABINIT. Is it possible to do that? I cannot find any previous post about 
this or anything in the user guide. If it is, what do I have to do?

I have finish the anaddb calculation and I have the output with 

Thank you all for any suggestions and help.


Igor Lukacevic

Igor Lukacevic
Department of Physics
University J. J. Strossmayer
Trg Ljudevita Gaja 6
31000 Osijek

tel. +385 31232713
fax. +385 31232701

e-mail: ilukacevic at fizika.unios.hr
web:    www.fizika.unios.hr/~ilukacevic

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