[xcrysden] XcrysDen failed to load

Mahmoud Payami Shabestari mpayami at aeoi.org.ir
Fri Nov 12 04:14:56 CET 2010

Dear Tone,

I have installed XCrysden on a pc with mandriva OS. Everything is ok, my
.bashrc is modified accordingly. However, when I try to launch, the small
xcrysden windows shows up itself but then dies off. The following message
is appeared on the screen:

Running on platform: unix
Executing: /home/mahmoud/XCrySDen-1.4.1bin-static/bin/ftnunit
/home/mahmoud/XCrySDen-1.4.1bin-static/xcrysden: line 163:  1274 Aborted 

I would be grateful if you please help me to fix it.
Best regards,
Mahmoud Payami,
Physics Group, AEOI, Tehran, Iran.

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