The School

The School is hosted by SISSA and DEMOCRITOS. These institutions are major players in the field of numerical simulations of material properties with a 25-year tradition of methodological innovation and high-quality software development.

The School is mainly directed to undergraduate students, with little or no experience in computer simulations (see Application for more details). The aims of the schools are:

  • providing students with a basic but detailed overview of the theoretical basis of computer simulations of molecular systems, with a focus on molecular dynamics and electronic structure methods
  • giving an overview of the domains of interesting applications
  • providing the basis for running simple molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, and electronic structure simulations.

At the end of the school the students should have a clear idea of the importance of computer simulations; should be aware of the problems that are still open and are at the center of current research effort; should have the capability of writing a code for performing a simple simulation or an analysis.

For interested students with no previous experience in computational science it is possible to attend a four-day pre-school (30 June - 3 July) devoted to the introduction to programming in C++/Fortran, with few numerical exercises.

Deadline for Applications

The closing date for receipt of requests for participation is 15 April 2015

  • A registration fee (200 Euro) will be required to the accepted candidates and reimbursed to students who will have fully attended the school.
  • The organizers will cover accommodation (20 nights), lunches and dinners at SISSA (Monday to Friday), public transportation and social dinner. Lodging expenses will be covered also during the pre-school. The cost of travel to and from Trieste cannot be covered.