The School

The School is hosted by SISSA and DEMOCRITOS. These institutions are major players in the field of numerical simulations of material properties with a 25-year tradition of methodological innovation and high-quality software development.

The School is mainly directed to undergraduate and graduate students, with little or no experience in computer simulations (see Application for more details).

The purpose of the School will be threefold: (i) providing students with a basic but detailed overview of the theoretical foundations and numerical methods of quantum mechanical (QM) simulations of molecular and extended systems; (ii) training them to solve quantum mechanical problems in practice, either implementing simple numerical codes from scratch or using existing QM codes for selected applications; (iii) giving an overview of the domains of current interesting research problems in material and biochemical science.

At the end of the school the students should have a clear idea of the importance of quantum mechanical molecular simulations; they should be aware of the problems that are still open and are at the center of current research efforts and should have the capability of developing their own simple code for performing a simulation or an analysis.

For interested students with no previous experience in computational science it is possible to attend a three-day pre-school (14 - 16 June) devoted to the introduction to programming in C++/Fortran, with few numerical exercises.

in 2017 the School will be entirely focused on quantum mechanics and in particular will be devoted to molecular properties of materials, chemical- and bio-molecules. The duration of the School is two weeks (plus the pre-school)

Deadline for Applications

The closing date for receipt of requests for participation is 31 March 2017

  • A registration fee (200 Euro) will be required to the accepted candidates and reimbursed to students who will have fully attended the school.
  • The organizers will cover accommodation (14 nights), lunches and dinners at SISSA (Monday to Friday), public transportation and social dinner. Lodging expenses will be covered also during the pre-school. Limited support toward travel expenses can be provided in exceptional cases, based on fund availability.