Theory@Elettra: People

phone number office email


Stefano Fabris 040 375-8735 ES4-1P-30 fabris[at]

Long term staff

Stefano Baroni 040 375-8737 ES4-1P-31 baroni[at]
Stefano de Gironcoli 040 375-8737 ES4-1P-31 degiro[at]
Piero Decleva 040 558-3946 decleva[at]
Maria Peressi 040 375-8737 ES4-1P-31 peressi[at]
Simone Piccinin 040 375-8737 ES4-1P-31 piccinin[at]
Paolo Umari 040 375-8738 ES4-1P-21 umari[at]

Postdoctoral fellows

Praveen C. Surendram? 040 375-8713 ES4-1P-29 pchandra[at]
Karolina Maria Kwapien? 040 375-8713 ES4-1p-29 kwapienk[at]

PhD and Diploma students

Lucie Szabova 040 375-8713 ES4-1P-29

ThE alumni:
Min Huang
Hande Ustunel - Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Xunlei Ding - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, People's Republic of China
Daniele Toffoli - Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
Baris Malcioglu - SISSA
Geoffrey Stenuit
Natasa Stojic - International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste
Matteo Farnesi - Ruhr Universitat Bochum, Germany
Tao Sun - University of Minnesota - USA
Nahid Ghaderi - Iran
Arrigo Calzolari - CNR-NANO - Modena, Italy

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